In light of recent lockdown and the closure of all our partner youth centres, we have decided to take our courses and sessions online. At least until we are able to lead them in person again when social distancing enables us to be in a kitchen with young people.

The over-arching goal of our sessions is to enable young people to take the skills and knowledge they gain with us, transfer them to their own lives and implement them in their own homes. We believe we now have an opportunity to meet our session participants in their own homes and influence not only them but also their immediate family.

There was much for us to learn about teaching cooking virtually and we therefore started practicing to perfect our online cooking teaching skills. It proved rather tricky to begin with as the session leader has to cook themselves while making sure everyone else is cooking along and keeping up. Noise in the kitchen needed to be kept down so everyone was muted while working and regularly paused and unmuted for check-ins and questions. If to judge by the results, the food that everyone cooked was delicious (or at least so it appeared from the photos that were shared…). The only non-Eat Club thing about it, was that we each ate alone, and not together which is the Eat Club way.

We have several partners lined up for these new sessions. Details to follow on our social media channels.