We have been quite busy at the CYP these past Thursdays.

In the afternoon we have started running an after school club with children from the Copenhagen Primary School. The 9 year olds come over to the youth centre after school for an intense hour of cooking and eating together. During the sessions we are introducing them to the principals of healthy eating and cooking through the recipes we cook together. The young cooks are very eager to participate and get involved. We are teaching them the importance of eating colourful foods and what we can find in beans and peas that is essential for our diet if we cook a meat-free meal.

Later in the evening we are holding our training sessions with our lovely new group of session leader trainees. We get busy in the kitchen going over the Eat Club session curriculum and end the evening with a big communal meal with all youth club participants (who are invited to also take part in the cooking). We are hoping to get them involved in the new courses that will start running after the Easter holidays.