Moorlands2Moorlands4The cooking sessions at Moorlands ended on Wednesday (the 12th of February) after 5 weeks of meeting with the group. The young people in this youth club are of mixed ages (11 to 17) and are mostly boys. The younger people were happy to engage regularly with the cooking; always taking part and enjoying eating the ‘fruits’ of their labour. The older group would dip in and out of the sessions with some of the young people always keen to cook and others happy to participate in the eating part only.

As this was our trial group (both for the customer and for Eat Club), it was interesting the see what works best in terms of recipes, engagement and continuity. Across the board it seems that vegetables are a barrier for quite a lot of the participants and the concept of a main meal without meat is another.

Some of the successful activites included the pancake making competition and the pizza baking. The final meal of Jerk chicken with rice and peas was also very well received.