We are Eat Club
A London based charity since 2014

We are Eat Club
A London based charity since 2014


We are Eat Club – A charity improving young people’s relationship with food.


Our youth cooking courses are designed to improve the relationship people have with food to address the underlying barriers to healthy eating and improve health and wellbeing.

 We believe that delicious wholesome food, prepared from scratch and eaten together can help people lead happier, healthier lives. We apply this ethos to our supper clubs and bespoke events.

 Find out more about what we do and how you can get involved.

We are Eat Club - A charity with a difference. Youth Work.

We aim to address the underlying barriers to healthy eating. Our cooking courses help to improve the relationship children and teenagers have with food through cooking as a team and eating together at the end of each session. This approach transcends the classroom and makes a sustainable difference to the future of the young people and their community.

We are Eat Club - A charity with a difference. Solo Supper Club.

The Cook Social is an exciting venture from Eat Club. We run on the principle that no one should eat alone. Whether you’re looking to meet new people or simply to sharpen your knife skills in good company, our doors are open. All you need is a healthy contempt for a microwave meal for one!



We are Eat Club - A charity with a difference. Your Event.

Join Eat Club in the kitchen for a fun, practical and truly unique event.
Whether tactile team building or a special celebration, we’ll cater to your needs in a sleek central London kitchen. Check out our corporate packages and event offers. We also offer digital sessions for groups of any size.


The Team

Ruth Soroko - Chief Executive - Eat Club - London
As the founder of Eat Club, Ruth Soroko offers the charity a range of personal skills. Her Masters degree in Food and Nutrition Policy from City University of London underpins the academic and research foundation of Eat Club. Her past experience with running her own design business has given her financial and project management skills as well as aiding her in giving Eat Club a unique visual identity.

Ruth Soroko

Chief Executive

Eden Lunghy - Head of Projects - Eat Club - London
Eden is a community driven youth practitioner and Human Geography graduate who has experience in designing and managing social action projects for young people. As HoP, she is keen to continue breaking barriers to widen access to nutritional meals, teach young people how to reduce food waste and support them in developing lifelong culinary skills.

Eden Lunghy

Head of Projects

David Thompson - Session Leader - Eat Club - London
David is a Master’s Graduate in the Anthropology of Food [SOAS] with a keen interest in global food, nutrition and health policy. Over the past ten years David has run food events exploring concepts through cookery. Further, he has experience working in school kitchens and has policy experience in both school and hospital catering.

David Thomson

Session Leader

Sunny Kleo - Session Leader - Eat Club - London
Abi has a degree in Hospitality Management and has worked as a chef in multiple restaurants in London and abroad. She has loved cooking from a young age and is interested in how food brings people together and is an essential part of every culture. Abi regularly caters, develops recipes and shares cooking videos on social media.

Abigail Kaufman

Session Leader

Alexander Campbell - Trustee - Eat Club - London
A toxicologist by training Alex Campbell set up and led the Veterinary Poisons Information Service and has been General Secretary, Treasurer and President of the European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicologists. He has served as trustee for several charities, is a ‘foodie’ and is passionate about cooking, opera, singing and stage-arts.

Alexander Campbell


Tessa Tricks - Trustee - Eat Club - London
Tessa Tricks holds a Masters in the Anthropology of Food from SOAS. She had spent time in San Francisco where she worked with Seedling Projects on the Good Food Awards and the Good Food Merchants Guild as the Maybach Foundation’s Culinary Arts fellow. She has formerly worked with the Sustainable Food Trust and in the kitchen in The Ethicurean restaurant and written for Fork magazine and Edible Communities. She is now a creative partner at Hubbub.

Tessa Tricks


Michelle Bockor - Young Leader - London
'Michelle is one of our young leaders. She is passionate about encouraging young people to have better relationships with their bodies and with food.'

Michelle Bockor

Young Leader

Jordan Minga - Young Leader - London
Jordan is a Photographer and an aspiring Filmmaker currently finishing his studies at the London Screen Academy doing a UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology. He is an experienced Public Speaker and Poet having done events at South London Gallery and the Wellcome Collection.

Jordan Minga

Young Leader

We are Eat Club – A charity with a difference.

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Become an Eat Club Session Leader in 2023

If you are searching for exciting ways to change your career and make a difference to the lives of young people - join our team! We are looking for skilled cooks/chefs passionate about food and improving the life-chances of disadvantaged young Londoners. Being a...

Food Culture as Occupational Therapy

Personal reflections on Eat Club’s experience with Action on Disability This article is written from my personal point of view. Although I am not disabled myself, I have a brother with cerebral palsy, and I am eager to learn more about different people’s experiences....

Launch of our #ConsciousCourses Campaign

The #ConsiousCourses campaign has been designed, launched and run by our Young Leaders. The campaign’s key themes are sustainability, food waste, meat-free and affordable eating. Aims The aim of our campaign is to challenge young people to be intentional regarding...

Join our Session Leaders team

The session leader is an integral part of Eat Club’s work and an ambassador for our approach. As such we are looking for skilled cooks/chefs with a passion for food, health, social equality and young people to fill this exciting and flexible role. The session leader...

Eat Club’s response to the National Food Plan

Eat Club welcomes the publication of the ‘National Food Strategy- The Plan’ (hereafter referred to as the NFS). The NFS is the second report in a two-part series and sets out 14 recommendations for Government consideration which will be addressed in six months’ time...

Your donations to Eat Club directly go to support our work
with young Londoners.

Your donations to Eat Club directly go to support our work with young Londoners.

We are Eat Club – A charity with a difference.

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