Teaching Hackney residents healthy cooking skills through the Hackney Community Kitchens programme.

By the Eat Club Team 

Last year we were awarded a contract from Hackney Council to deliver our first ever courses with adults and families, as part of the Hackney Community Kitchens programme. We’re now in the swing of things delivering courses to Hackney residents from across the borough, partnering with local community groups and venues.

The programme is a direct response to the increasing issues of food insecurity and health impacts from unhealthy diets in the borough. Our courses provide participants with the skills to cook and share affordable, nutritious and tasty meals, and gain a greater understanding of what constitutes a healthy balanced diet. During the sessions participants learn and improve:

  • Cooking skills – from basic to advance – including different cooking methods, how to be creative in the kitchen and reducing food waste
  • Healthy eating habits – understanding which nutrients we need, which foods to find these in and in what quantity to consume them, as well as the connection between diet and health
  • Social connections – creating a friendly inclusive environment for participants to meet their neighbours, work as a team and build relationships over shared meals

The programme prioritises those who are most in need and recognises the challenges of rising food and fuel costs, so we tailor our courses to include affordable ingredients, pantry essentials and offer alternative dishes that don’t require much prep time or use of the oven or hob to make it, reducing the related fuel costs. Our focus on health and nutrition also aligns with Hackney’s Healthy Weight strategies and the Healthy Place Healthy Weight mission as part of the Mayor’s London Recovery Programme to create healthier communities.

Only five months into the contract, we’re delighted with the success we’re seeing. We’ve partnered with organisations, charities and community centres across the south part of the Borough for which we are contracted, our partners include Age UK, Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Carers First, Hackney Quest, Daubeney Children and Family Hub, Golden Lane Community Centre and Shepherd Fold Ministry. We will be launching our next family course at the Wentworth Nursery and Children’s Centre in June!


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Over the next year and a half we will be delivering many more courses to adults and families across the south of Hackney, so if you want to join a course or you’re part of a group/ coordinate a group who would be interested in a bespoke course or you have a venue available to host our sessions then please email us info@eat-club.org.

Below are some delicious healthy recipes put together by one of our talented chefs Neta. Give these a try at home! She created this menu as part of our course at Hackney Quest in the colder months of this year, the theme for this particular week was ‘Food Waste in the Home’ to use up the inevitable spare carrots in the cupboard for a savoury or sweet dish, and any other veg you have in the fridge which can easily be thrown into the pie – whatever the combo it’s going to end up delicious!

winter green puff pie recipe