What could be better on a hot summer’s afternoon, than making Eton mess? Eating it after! That was the consensus from our young chefs on our first City of London course at Golden Lane Estate. This July, we cut the ribbon on the Golden Lane Estate Community Centre kitchen with a 4-week cooking course for young local residents.

Food poverty and modern malnutrition impact the lives of too many young Londoners. Few are given a taste for the joy of cooking, or sitting together around a table at home or at school due to busy lives, tight budgets or insufficient spaces.

The opportunity to partner with the City of London Summer programme was a fantastic way to make a difference to the lives of those living in the heart of London. Participants were invited to join us for communal cooking and eating and helped to shape the menu as the weeks went along, putting the new kitchen through its paces! Tasters were made and passers-by who had no idea that there was a kitchen in the area were lured into the class. We were all delighted to have parents and younger siblings drop in for dinner.

by Tessa Tricks – Eat Club