A creative team, open-minded diners and one of the warmest evenings of the year combined to make the Solo Supper Club’s offal-themed dinner a big hit.

While some of us have grown up eating steak and kidney pie or liver and onion, delicacies such as spleen on toast and pan-fried ox heart are less familiar fare.

The Supper Club even managed to work offal into the dessert – with bone marrow butter being employed in the lemon puddle pudding.

It all added up to a taste of the unexpected for our monthly Supper Club guests who were involved in most stages of the preparation and cooking process – though some elements required the expertise of Rich, our talented head chef for the evening. Rich recently joined Eat Club as a freelance session leader and he shares a passion for offal-based dishes with Eat Club creative partner Tessa Tricks.


It turns out spleen on toast with red onion is a bit like sampling an exotic liver pate and the pan-fried ox heart with spelt risotto was tender and tasty too. While the offal was specially bought on this occasion, one of the messages of the evening was that often unused parts of an animal can make a delicious meal.

The next Solo Supper Club revisits more traditional territory with a celebration of Best of British on Friday 23 June, as part of the Evening Standard’s London Food Month. In July we will again be cooking al fresco in the pizza oven at the Calthorpe Project, King’s Cross.

Philip McCorkell