Our eight week Eat Club course with Look Ahead in the hostel near Elephant & Castle is nearing its end. During the course we have gathered every Monday lunchtime in the small kitchen in the ‘life skills’ flat  to cook our three course lunch menu. There is a strong group of regular cooks with some guests appearing for a session or two. From the hostel’s staff, a different youth worker has participated in the session each week (giving them an opportunity to enjoy the cooking and eating as well!). Due to religious constraints, the course so far has been meat free. It has to be said that the young people have taken it very well so far. To add to the challenge, we have produce in the fridge every week picked up from Borough Market over the weekend donated to the hostel. Salad with endive, artichokes and purple cauliflower soup have all been on the menu. The lunch takes place in the Common Room allowing us all to eat in greater comfort enjoying the food we have cooked. This is also a way to engage with passers by, enticing them to join in to the meal.


It’s party time!


A spread of canapés, mince pies and virgin mojito were created for the Christmas gathering to be enjoyed by all. This is a nice way to get to the end of the course. It demonstrates the skill and independence the young people have gained over the last weeks. We’re looking forward to our grande finale next Monday and to hopefully returning to Gateway Foyer some time next year.