FSE1Croyden4This Christmas Eat Club has ventured all the way out to Croydon. We have been comissioned by the FSE Community Group to guide three groups of young people joining  forecs on a Tuesday evening to cook a three course Christmas meal for a group of homeless people. The young chéfs prepare and serve the meal which is then rated by the guests. At the end of the final session taking place on the 23rd of December,  the winning team will be announced in the presense of Croydon’s deputy mayor.


the duo working hard to get the soup ready

The young people participating in the competition have come from several independent schools in Croyden. Each team has been made up of boys and girls from the different schools meeting for the firs time over a chopping board. it has been fantastic so far to watch them in action. In a matter of two hours they have bonded and developed remarkable teamwork. This resulted in great food being cooked, with the guests coming back for seconds and thirds. It was lovely to hear one of the star young chéfs say to me at the end of the session: ‘Thank you, I had so much fun and learned so much!” The parents and teachers of the young people were equally impressed with their acheivements. We look forward to our final session next week and to continuing work in Croydon next year.