This week we launched our Young Leaders Programme. We have 7 young Londoners enrolled in the programme; 2 boys, 5 girls, aged between 16 and 22. As a youth focused charity, we believe we need the voice of young people at the heart of the work we do. We are hoping this will be beneficial to the group as much as it will be for us. We have our programme planned for the rest of the year and really hope that the next meetings can all happen in person.


What the Young Leaders Programme will involve

  • Four forums per year (one per season). These would involve a debate about the challenges young people face in relation to food today and what Eat Club can do to tackle these
  • Two cooking sessions a year to improv skills, give real insight into how we deliver our work at Eat Club and demonstrate that we have acted on the group’s feedback.
  • Creation of some digital assets together with our session leaders

Benefits to the young people

  • Cooking experience
  • Costs covered (London Living Wage payment and travel costs, when it hopefully comes to it)
  • Career development – access to training (First Aid or Food Hygiene for example), and the opportunity to get involved with Eat Club
  • Personal reference at the end of the year
  • Feature in the ‘Team’ section of the website